Self-storage: A Growing Commercial Opportunity?

You may need to rent a storage unit if you have a business with a lot of inventory and can’t manage it at your present location autumn wood storage. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to rent one or several units. You can add units or release them as your inventory level increases or decreases. Most self-storage units can be rented from month to month. They are clean, secure and accessible 24 hours a day. Renting a space is private. No one else can access it except you. The monthly fee includes unlimited access to the units during that month.

Self-storage is very affordable for businesses. Contractors and landscaping companies use self-storage to store their supplies and equipment. They rent self-storage units near their work sites so that they have easy access. Often, they include the cost of renting the unit in the price they charge for the work. Retailers find it difficult to store holiday inventory in-house for the eight months a year that they cannot sell the items. Their problem can be solved by off-site storage. Public storage facilities are usually surrounded by high fencing, which ensures that everything stored is safe. The facility has surveillance cameras recording activity around the clock. You must enter your personal access code to gain entry to the facility.

When you need one, there are often storage facilities with humidity and temperature control. Most urban areas have staff on site at all times, including weekends. If you need help scheduling a package drop-off or pick-up, they are there to assist. Storage facilities with paved drives are easier to access and cleaner. While self-storage facilities may offer separate renter’s insurance, you should still have your own policy for expensive business inventory or equipment. Like parking operators, self-storage operators are not liable if your equipment or vehicles that you store at the facility get damaged. You can pay your monthly fee in cash, by check or with major credit cards. You can also set up an automated transaction plan to make it easier for you.