Project Management’s Power and Importance Today

How important is project-management in today’s world of business? I can think of many reasons why project planning is essential (based on my 35+ years’ experience in the field), including tight budgets, decreasing resources, increased time constraints and a competition to better our business practices. With the incredible power of project planning, you can focus on your priorities, monitor and measure results, resolve problems, and become flexible to adjust to changing circumstances. Read more now on Serge Robichaud Financial Advisor.

What exactly is a “project”? As an undertaking with a defined start and end, goals and objectives as well as a series of activities, we can define a project. Examples of project include planning and executing a special event or a restructuring your organization.

The project management process is useful for many organizations and industries. Some of the industries and organizations that utilize project management are: construction, information technologies, software development (including banking), manufacturing, professional engineering, architecture, computers etc.

What exactly is meant by the term project management? The discipline of project management includes a set of techniques and tools. Project management is an integrated set of methods and tools to define project goals, coordinate the team, supervise the progress of the project, optimize resources (people, time, money) and monitor the overall project. In order to meet and surpass the expectations of customers from that particular project.