Strategy Trading: Mistakes to Avoid

Why do some traders make money for years, but newbies are wiped out within a few months of starting? What are the most common mistakes made by beginners? How can successful traders quotex trading turnover tell what is right?

My colleagues and me are asked frequently how to be successful traders. This question has been asked to us so frequently that I decided to finally write a Trading Report. A report which will provide you with straightforward, easy to follow advice on how to be a better investor.

This article is not written in the usual plain English. It’s written with clarity and simplicity. The problem will be described in an organized and coherent manner. You will learn about common mistakes made by traders that can prevent them from making any money. Also, you’ll discover the principles of trading that have taken successful traders many years and tens of thousands to master. The facts contained in this report can all be confirmed and are the result of years’ worth of experience.

You may have felt that after making a profitable trade you now know how to accurately predict the market’s movements. You may have felt desperation after losing a trade a couple of days earlier.

Imagine how a trader feels after spending years studying the price movement, investing in expensive indicators and following advice from experts. The trader loses money over and over again until they have spent all of their savings. After raising more money, the trader loses all his savings again. Trading can be as profitable, as well as being predictable as other businesses.

Imagine you have spent years trading and still don’t understand the market. Imagine how frustrating that would be.

Even worse, what happens if your emotional outbursts cause you to lose control of yourself and all of your savings as a result? Are you protected by an emergency plan for your own protection?

Do you believe you will be able to recover quickly from heavy loss, or at all?

Even seasoned investors tend to forget or overlook taking precautions to safeguard their capital in the event of such a catastrophe, and this is until it happens. It’s already too late.

It’s impossible for me to experience that!

After working closely with 2000 individuals and institutions in Europe, the USA and Canada we have found that 90% of traders are going to experience losses. They can cost them anywhere from several thousands of dollars up to several million.

These costs do not include manuals, workshops, seminars, or the months spent painstakingly studying the market.

In each case, the losses that result from poor trading practice are unique. The losses are usually too big for traders. People usually lose all of their money. And sometimes, they even get into more debt.