Personnel In The Kitchen Of A Food Establishment

It is important to hire reliable kitchen staff who are familiar with the kitchen. They can make or ruin you. You should remember that not everyone will know everything. Some people may even know nothing. If they are willing, you can teach them. Every worker works at a different speed. A slow worker doesn’t mean the person isn’t competent. The kitchen must be run by someone; this could be a supervisor or assistant, but it is best to have a manager in charge. From the manager to the dishwasher, everyone has a role in the kitchen. A restaurant cannot stay open without the dedication and services of its staff.

Prep cooks are the first to touch food. From the onions you add to your rice, to the steaks that you serve. Everything passes through prep cooks. Line cook is a person who works at a station of your line. This is the section of the kitchen that prepares food or finishes it when requested. The line is a series of stations in the kitchen that cater to various preparation techniques. For example, grills, fryers, saute pans, etc. The majority of line cooks have prior kitchen experience.

Cooks usually have some experience in a kitchen before entering one. They are responsible for the cooking. The kitchen manager needs to know all the ins-and-outs of running a kitchen. He can manage the staff and do the ordering, but not necessarily have advanced culinary skills. (Having a manager who knows the standards is a great asset in any establishment.) He can train the staff on the basics and learn more as time goes by, but does not need to be technically or creative. He must be efficient and productive. The kitchen manager should be fair, have good people skills, and do the right thing by everyone. He shouldn’t play favorites. Supervisors can relieve some of the manager’s stress. They are responsible for writing the daily roster, ensuring that the stations are cleaned and providing enough staff.